A blueprint for the Flow.

Followers of the Flow traces the evolution of the freestyle movement of the 1990s, a movement that does not just refer to sports but to a mindset which is currently enjoying a renaissance in modern society. What is the connection between freestyle and creativity? How can the flow experience – a denominator for all freestyle activities – be seen as a creative tool? Why is it essential to try and fail? The manual explores these questions in six beautifully illustrated chapters, giving the reader a «recipe» in the form of a new and ingenious creative method: Freestyle Thinking.

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Second edition released

This book is produced in an second edition in excellent quality and stands as a piece of art itself. Printed on Munken polar white paper, the book includes a blue bookmark and a holographic molded cover design on black linen. The book also contains exclusive photographs taken by Silvano Zeiter, one of the most talented photographers in the scene.

128 pages content

Incl. tools & notes

Photography by SZ

Holographic cover

Munken paper

Blue bookmark

Blue page edges

Second edition

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« In this act the rider leaves a line like a signature in the snow. Something to be wiped away in time, but in the moment it’s a mark of one’s expression, a style, a moment of stoke. »


Gigi Ruf
Professional Snowboarder,,Father,
Owner of Slash Snowboards
and Beekeeper.


Be more creative with Freestyle Thinking.

Freestyle Thinking is a new creative method that allows you to practice activating your creative Flow and even train it like you would train a muscle. The more often you are in the creative Flow, the easier you will find it to develop creative solutions in the shortest possible time.

The method is explored with the help of three dimensions in a model: the trick, the flow and the swell. These are explained in subchapters and are each followed by a practical assignment for the reader.


About the author


Jonas Wyssen is working as an independent artist and designer based in Switzerland. His broad work experience combined with his longtime passion for snowboarding, skateboarding and especially surfing have inspired him to develop and write about a new ingenious creative method, Freestyle Thinking.

Jonas Wyssen




Incl. exclusive Photographs of Silvano Zeiter

Silvano is a snowboarder, surfer and professional photographer from Wallis, Switzerland. His photographs speak the same language as the book: it’s all about the flow experience. Convinced that the fun factor is the secret ingredient for a great shot, Silvano has found a way to capture the essence of flow in many of his photographs. As a true Follower of the Flow, he has been scouring the globe with some of the most iconic personalities in the freestyle world. His photos grace the covers of countless magazines around the globe. We are ecstatic to show his work in the book.

Silvano Zeiter


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By pre ordering a book you help supporting the skate-aid programs around the globe. A part of every sold book goes to skate-aid.

« To be able to get to where you're happy, you need to do the hard yards. Being able to tap into your creativity and being able to think on the fly plays a huge part. The ocean, the wave is ever changing, therefore reevaluating what you had planned isn’t rare. Mistakes are made but that only gives you something to take on board and learn. This is your flow. »


Chippa Wilson
Pro Surfer


« We all feel that we have a special sense of living and that we are building a new, proud generation of weightless gliders who have escaped todays every-day life. There is nothing more beautiful to us than sailing across a carpet of glittering white powder snow, making turns on steep slopes and putting our whole body
into action. 


Eveline Schnorf
1988 First female snowboard double worldchampion


« Flow, or as I would actually write it fl’eau; eau means water in French. To me water is the flow. Always moving; sometimes slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud… always with grace, always with beauty. We’re made of 65% of water, flow is within each of us, let it just show us the way. »


Mathieu Crepel
Professional Snowboarder & Surfer


« The freestyle spirit covered the globe like a wave and made its mark in global language and behavior, music and fashion. Social media and media platforms adopted the basic idea and behavior of freestyle. Today Freestyle is mainstream and we don’t even blink when News media uses words like "surfing the internet" that origin from freestyle activities. »


Reto Lamm
Swiss Snowboard Pioneer 1984
Former President of TTR, World Snowboard Tour
Brand Director at Bogner



« As much as I love to surf perfect waves, I also enjoy surfing an average windy beach break. For me it’s all about reading the wave in the given moment and making the most out of it. To make the impossible, possible. In Brazil we call it ‚fazer mágica‘ - making magic. »


Michel Roque
Brazilian Pro Surfer


« Life really is all about trial and error. You won’t always succeed, but you will always learn. That’s why it is so important to try all the time. Be bold and brave to do so! Just like a skateboarder who tries that long until he makes the trick. Forget your fears, they work just like brakes most of the time. And don’t let failures cut your courage! Keep pushing! »


Titus Dittmann
Founder of Skate-aid
Founder of Titus Skateboards


« One has to be willing to throw themselves out of their comfort zone. Leave loved ones behind, travel alone, navigate the world in a way that can only be your experience. I just have to be there. I want to be there, I know being around this culture makes me happy, and If my films can motivate someone else to follow my path than that’s all that matters. »

Jake Price
Filmmaker Vans Snow



« Be very clear in your mind about your goals and direction… Then it becomes way easier for others to align themselves and help…
Trust your instincts completely, they are never wrong…


Bert Burger
Former Co-founder of Firewire Surfboards
Founder & Shaper of Sunova Surfboards



« Flow - every journey leads to fresh discoveries, perpetual presence as the key to live free in the moment. The process of discovering new horizons, peaks, slopes is not really about the conquest, but to integrate the pieces: snow, cliffs, your tired body. All the uncertainties make this process rich and three-dimensional. »

Wang Lei
Pioneer of Snowboarding in China
and athlete at The North Face
Founder of LeiGe Parks and the Wang Lei Snow Academy


« Freestyle is a way of playing life. It means to let go for a brief moment, to think wild, to embrace the chaos. And then: regain control, think sharp, find a rhythm. So that difficult actions become graceful expressions. »


Ursina Haller
Journalist and Olympic snowboarder


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